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"Nature lover and promoter of the idea of going with and not against her"

I found Permaculture in 2006 when I was looking for a way to live in harmony with Nature. 

My concern was born when I traveled through different countries of the world and observed the management that we are carrying out on Earth as a human species, and at the same time I discovered how the ancestral cultures already had a very deep knowledge of Life and Nature.


The ethics and designs that showed me Permaculture at that time were the bases that I was looking for in my developing as a person and source of inspiration to share this "new and ancestral" vision about the Planet and Life.


My personal motivation is the transformation of outer and inner space by creating designs based on regeneration, practicality and biodiversity;


   Accompanying people in their individual and collective transformations through the systemic bases of Life and Nature.

   Sprouting Permaculture through workshops, certified courses and tutorials


   Creating and transforming regenerative spaces


   Consulting public entities, personal and collective projects and companies

As Permaculture is an open system I have been able to implement my training in alternative and systemic therapies helping me to understand and implement the functioning of the ecological systems and the connections that exist between the human being and the Earth and their importance for our health and evolution as a species.


You can also see my therapeutic work and work in Zone 0.0 at Kai therapies

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